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ANTECH Liquid Nitrogen Freezer for Bio-bank

Liquid Nitrogen Freezer

Optimal Use of Storage Space

Racks are stored on the rotating tray with an appropriate distance from the wall of the chamber. Liquid nitrogen or supercooled nitrogen vapor is filled in the space between the tray and the wall to maintain temperature uniformity. Storage space is equally divided into four or six fan-shaped storage rooms which are clearly labeled. Each storage room is easily rotated to the opening of the tank for convenient sample access.


Designed for Both Liquid and Vapor Phase Storage

Each model of Biobank Series is designed for both liquid and vapor phase storage. For vapor phase storage, samples are kept away from the liquid nitrogen while stored in a uniform temperature that is close to the temperature range of liquid nitrogen.


Advanced Vacuum Technology and Superinsulation Technology

Biobank Liquid Nitrogen Freezer applies advanced vacuum technology and superinsulation technology to ensure storage safety and temperature uniformity while reducing the consumption of liquid nitrogen. The temperature difference of the entire storage area does not exceed 10°C even in vapor phase storage, and temperature near the top of the shelf can be as low as -190°C.


Cryosmart Intelligent Liquid Nitrogen Control System

Biobank Liquid Nitrogen Freezer features Cryosmart system for complete monitoring and controlling. High-precision temperature and liquid level censors are used to ensure accuracy. All data and samples are protected by secure access control system.