CryoMajor Series, with Canisters

CryoMajor Series liquid nitrogen containers are economical small and medium size liquid nitrogen containers for long term static state storage. CryoMajor Series include two types, large capacity and long shelf life. CryoMajor Series are made of high strength and light-weight aluminum alloy. There is multilayer superior performance thermal insulation inside.
Various accessories are optional.
Mainly apply to animal husbandry and laboratories.

Key Features

    High strength and lightweight alu-minum construction

    Ultra-low evaporation losses

    Numbered index location points for canisters

    Mobile roller bases optional

    Lockable lids

    Straw storage

    LN2 pump optional

    5 year vacuum warranty

New Products and Canes

ModelLiquid N2   Capacity(L)Neck Diameter   (mm)Number of CanisterOveral Height(mm)External Height   (mm)Static Evaporation(L/D)Number of Straw (0.5ml)Number of Straw   (0.25ml)
CryoMajor   2/3523534101800.08165330
CryoMajor   3/5035064252240.127921788
CryoMajor   6/5065064602850.127921788
CryoMajor   8/8088065023000.2122445022
CryoMajor   10/50105065303050.117921788
CryoMajor   13/50135066053050.127921788

ModelLiquid N2 Capacity (L)Neck Diameter (mm)No. of  Canister Overal Height (mm)External Diameter (mm)Static Evaporation (L/D)No.   of  Straws
     (1-level Canister)
No.of   Straws
    (2-level Canister)
CryoMajor 13/50L135066233100.12————12842832
CryoMajor 15/50155065913940.117921788————
CryoMajor 15/80158065953940.2122445022————
CryoMajor 16/50(L)165065953940.12————12842832
CryoMajor 20/50(L)205066723940.12792178812842832
CryoMajor 20/80(L)208066763940.212244502236248460
CryoMajor 25/50(L)255067003940.12792178812842832
CryoMajor 25/80(L)258067053940.212244502236248460
CryoMajor 30/50(L)31.55067064620.12792178812842832
CryoMajor 30/80(L)31.58067104620.212244502236248460
CryoMajor 30/125(L)31.512567054620.35512411952904819944
CryoMajor 35/50(L)35.55067504620.12792178812842832
CryoMajor 35/80(L)35.58067544620.222244502236248460
CryoMajor 35/125T(L)35.5125107484620.368540199201508033240
CryoMajor 47/127(L)4712767185080.36512411952904819944
CryoMajor 47/127T(L)47127107185080.368540199201508033240
CryoMajor 50B/50(L)505068184620.23792178812842832
CryoMajor 50B/125(L)5012568184620.45512411952904819944

CryoMonitor 1000Real-time monitor liquid nitrogen tank temperature display and with high temperature alarm function,users can judge the liquid nitrogen level condition through the temperature 
CanisterDouble level and single level  with different diameters.
Vial CaneMade of SUS304 for 5 vials and 3 vials (2ml)
Roller BaseMade of Stainless steel for moving the liquid nitrogen tank
Liquid Level RulerTo measure liquid nitrogen level
Locking CapDifferent sizes available upon neck diameter
Transport KitFoot type and   hand type available,for 50mm or 80mm neck diameter
Cryogenic Protection Gloves38cm, 48cm and 68cm length available

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