CryoMatrix Series Vapor Phase Cryogenic Freezer

CryoMatrix Series Biobank tanks provide users with a fully automatic, safe and reliable cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage system. The sample can be stored either in liquid phase or vapor phase. Microcomputer touch control system CryMonitor 3000 provides convenience and security. Cryomatrix series introduced advanced technology and perfect vacuum thermal insulation technology to assure thesafety of the barrier-free sample storage and good properties uniform temperature and characteristics of the minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen. Even if it is vapor phase, the inside tank top can be below -180℃.

Key Features

    Dry sample storage available
    At least -180℃ at top of tank
    Maximum capacity of liquid nitrogen storage capacity below rotating tray
    One-piece folding stage
    Automatically liquid nitrogen supply

    Variety of blood bags storage available
    De-Fog and liquid nitrogen splash proof
    5 years vacuum warranty
    CE certificate


    The largest single storage capacity (CryoMatrix 128k), Small footprint.
    Meet customers' variable requirements
    Unique vacuum technology and cervical mouth technology ensures extremely low liquid nitrogen evaporation loss rate
    Temperature close to the neck could reach -180℃ stably
    Two steps and partition rotating tray design for easy and quick access to samples

    Special strengthen structure to make the tank stable, earthquake resistant up to 8 magnitude
    5 years vacuum warranty as standard

ModelLN2 Capacity   Under
    Platform Vapor Storage (L)
LN2 Capacity (L)Overall Height(mm)Outside Diameter   (mm)1.2 & 2 ml   Vials (Internally Threaded)0.5 ml Vials   (Internally Threaded)25ml(791 OS/U)50ml(4R9951)200ml (DF-200)
Cryomatrix   13K55350132687513000169001296792168
Cryomatrix   19K554601558875182002340017281056280
Cryomatrix   26K8058713211104260003380023761416336
Cryomatrix   36K  8078315911104364004680031681888560
Cryomatrix   43K 13589015591190429005610033602072544
Cryomatrix   50K 135101417041190495006600043202664680
Cryomatrix   59K 265134013981565585008190047162916666
Cryomatrix   76K 300166015891565760509945055023402888
Cryomatrix   95K 32018801883156594875126500775849051290
Cryomatrix   128K 262227016791685128350660001054065401812

CryoMonitor3000Touch screen display and control system for CryoMatrix series cryogenic   freezers
Vertical RackFor 5X5 cryogenic box and 10X10 cryogenic box,10 layers to 17 layers
Cryogenic Box5X5,9X9,10X10,PC material
Blood Bag CasketFor 25ml,50ml,200ml,250ml,500ml,700ml blood bags
Blood Bag FrameFor 25ml,50ml,200ml,250ml,500ml,700ml blood bags,6 layers to 10 layers

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