CryoTrans Series, LN2 storage Container

CryoTrans series Liquid nitrogen storage Container is designed for storage and short-distance transportation of small amount of liquid nitrogen. It is equipped with rubber protection rings and prefixed bottom pad for safety. Stainless steel roller base is optional for convenient transportation.

CryoTrans series is widely used in animal husbandry and laboratories.

Key Features
Strong, lightweight aluminum construction
Low liquid nitrogen evaporation
Unique liquid nitrogen transportation design
CE Certificate
5-year vacuum warranty

Important Accessories

1. Liquid nitrogen level ruler
2. Liquid Nitrogen Dispenser
3. Roller base

ModelCryoTrans 3CryoTrans 6CryoTrans 10CryoTrans 20CryoTrans 25CryoTrans 30CryoTrans 35CryoTrans 50

Liquid N2   CapacityL3610202531.535.550
Neck Diametermm5050505050505050
Static   Evaporation Rate (L/day) 0.12 0.20 0.20 0.23
Static Holdover time (L/day)265282101208159179213

Overall Heightmm435482552672700706750811
External   Diametermm223300300394394462462462
Weight Empty (KG)


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