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CO2/LN2 Backup System

The CO2/LN2 Backup System privide backup systems are designed to prive the emergency refrigeration for ultra low temperature freezers. The backup system is comprised of a control system and a feeding system. The control system modulates a liquid feeding solenoid valve to provide the freezer with a certern amound of liquid CO2 or LN2 to cycle the freezer's temperature within the safe range.
The backup system is equiped with a rechargeable battery with powers the sytem to sustain the refrigeration.



Small footprint, light and easy for installation; User adjustable temperature setting.Simple to program and operate. Flexible – Can be installed on any ULT freezer, which has a port hole


Liquid CO2 test button design allows end user to test the system is working.


Low CO2 alarm system

Low CO2 alarm system - alerts end user when liquid CO2 bottle is running out therefore insuring the safety of their samples



Stainless steel covering, more elegant; Stainless steel input pipe design, allows for flexibility and ease of cylinder positioning.

Durable battery lasts up to 48 hours.

CO2/LN2 Backup System

Easy for installation
Liquid CO2 test button design
Low CO2 alarm system
Stainless steel covering
Stainless steel input pip
CO2/LN2 Backup System