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Water Purification System

Water Purification System applies advanced technologies to provide purified laboratory water with highest quality. Depends on the requirements of your specific procedure and application, Water Purification System Series Q/S/D/R can produce reverse osmosis (RO) purified water, deionized (DI) water, and ultrapure (UP) water with resistivity of 18.2 mΩ•cm at 25 °C. Haier Water Purification System is essential for your laboratory.


Superior Performance

High-end RO membranes and long-lasting KDF filters to ensure water quality while reducing costs.

Four independent ultra-purification cartridges, using nuclear grade resin to assure best quality.

NSF certified pure water pipes and joints.


Three-way water quality sensors provide real-time monitoring for feed water, reverse-osmosis purified water and ultrapure water.

Recirculation system to keep the quality of ultrapure water when system not in use.


Automatic malfunction detection to ensure safety. Settings are password protected to avoid unauthorized operation.

RS232/USB ports (Optional) for GLP compliant water quality recording.

Easy operation and maintenance

Unique on duty/off duty modes to keep the abundance of RO purified water.

Consumable life-span display and auto-reminding to avoid the decline of water quality.


Water Purification System