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Premium Air Blaster Freezer

Dominating brand in Japan Red Cross

No.1 Brand in Japan Red Cross. For fast freezing of plasma and biological samples.From 30℃to -70℃ in one hour.State-of-the-art compressor technology with optimized cooling systems. Stainless steel cabinets for easy cleaning.

Made in Japan.


Direct setting indicating temperature controller

Digital display for maintaining desired operation.

Heavy-gauge stainless-steel, both interior and exterior are made of stainless steel SUS-304 which provides corrosion resistance property and hygienic.

Stainless-steel sloped drain pan located in bottom of freezer chamber with a drain.

Rubber seal ensure tight door closed

Copper-finned, copper-tubed evaporator maximizes cooling efficiency.

Temperature uniformity is perfect by powerful air fan perforated plate.


Air fan cools off the chamber horizontally and eventually all the cornors throughly

CFC-free, formed-in-place urethane insulation surrounds cabinets.



Factory-installed castors and adjusters are standard.

Defrost cycle can be initiated to shut down the compressor and keep cabinets frost-free.

The dominating brand in Japan Red Cros; Used in all 17 branches of Japan Red Cross; Up to 400 units in use.



Premium Air Blaster Freezer

Direct setting controller
Digital display for
Heavy-gauge stainless-steel
Dominating brand in Japan Red Cross
Copper-finned evaporator
Premium Air Blaster Freezer