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Under-counter Refrigerator

The Under-counter and desktop refrigerators with featuring microprocessor control, positive airflow systems,industrial-quality cabinet construction, extra-strength refrigeration compressors and advanced alarms and monitoring guarantee reliable temperature for scientific, industrial, clinical, and vaccine storage use.
Antech under-counter and desktop refrigerator introduce the ultra low noise design,safety lock, perfect alarm system, safety protection.


Microprocessor control and digital display

Microprocessor control, digital display, and temperature adjustment with an increment of 1 °C.

Adjustable temperature range 2 ~8°C.

Forced-air cooling

Forced-air cooling with optimized air distribution system designed to achieve maximum temperature uniformity and stability.

Optimized refrigeration system design for more effective cooling and speedy recovery.


High efficiency specialty compressor with known field reliability.

Permanently lubricated cooling fan for safety and longevity.

Safety Alarm

Equipped with a complete temperature alarm system featuring audible buzzer and visual flashing light.

Capable of alerting failures due to high and low temperature, sensor error, door ajar,power failure.

Under-counter Ref