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-150℃/-130℃ Cryo Freezer

-150°C&-130℃ Cryo freezer provides a safer, more convenient and economical alternative long term storage option than LN2 freezers. By providing a storage environment that is about 20°C colder than the water recrystallization temperature, the freezer is suitable for storage of a variety of biological samples such as virus, erythrocytes, leukocytes, cutis, skeleton, sperm, oceanic products, special test materials and even electronic products for testing. It can be installed in institutions including blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, research institutes, and research laboratories.



Temperature Control

Microprocessor control: Large LED display features a clear cabinet temperature display at an easy viewing angle and allows an adjustable range of -126°C to -150°C



Refrigeration System

Optimized single stage refrigeration system

Hermetically sealed system&Permanently lubricated fan systems

Environmentally friendly refrigerants

Safety Control System

Alarm system: User programmable high and low temperature alarm set points, power failure, sensor error, extreme voltage, hot condenser, and extremely high ambient; Alarm types: audible buzzer and visible flashing

Protection functions: Settable pass codes for control panel, start-up delay, voltage compensation system

Properly grounded

Other Features

Large LED display for easy viewing

LN2 back up system compatible

Smart condenser fans for energy saving



Capacity: 200L
Cabinet: Chest type


Capacity: 118L
Cabinet: Chest type
Cryo Freezer -150℃/-130℃