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Solar vaccine Refrigerator (WHO/PQS)

2~8℃ solar vaccine refrigerator is widely used in power shortage area. It provides the good storage of vaccines in remote area. Antech have solar-direct vaccine refrigerator which is enviroment friendly and unit can hold more than 100hours when there is no sun. Antech also design special solar system for ice-lined refrigerator where there is electrical power but not stable.


Excellent performance

Optimized refrigeration system design
Microprocessor control
Built-in ice packs maintain 2℃ to 8℃ for 119 hours at 43℃ ambient
CFC-free high density foam insulation
Complied with WHO/UNICEF standards


Digital Display

Digital temperature display
Adjustable control range of 2℃ to 8℃
LCD temperature display

Humanzied Design

Safety lock for unauthorized access
Two baskets equipped for ease access

Solar system

Professional solar system provides power from sun, It is heavy duty use and adjustable angle to accpet more sun power.



Solar vaccine refrigerator

Gross volume: 60L
Vaccine storage:21L
Temperature: 2~8℃
Solar vaccine Ref (WHO/PQS)