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Vaccine & Icepack Freezer (WHO/PQS)

The refrigerators are designed to store vaccine, pharmaceuticals and so on. Applicationscould be found in epidemic prevention, clinics,hospitals, research institutes etc.Ice pack freezer can strong freezing capacity for ice pack and longer temperature holdover time after power off.
WHO/UNICEF qualified supplier


Microprocessor Control

Microprocessor ControlMore accuracy, more reliable temperature control and digital display,power on/off indicator.

Refrigeration System

Highly efficient hermetically sealed compressor.CFC-free high density foam insulation.Optimized refrigeration system design.

Temperature Control

Digital display. Adjustable temperature range of -15°C to -25 °C

Ergonomic Design

Safety lock for unauthorized access. Corrosion-proof interior and ease of cleaning. Shelving designs for various sizes of storage baskets. Drainage system for ease of cabinet cleaning. LCD temperature display.


Capacity: 121L
Vaccine storage:97L
Temperature: -15~-25℃
Ambinet Temp: 5~43℃
Holdover:50hrs to 10℃


Capacity: 286L
Vaccine storage:258L
Temperature: -15~-25℃
Ambinet Temp: 5~43℃
Holdover:60hrs to 10℃
Icepack Freezer (WHO/PQS)