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CryoMaster Series

Cryomaster series liquid nitrogen tank combined with the advantages of little nitrogen consumption and medium range storage capacity, meeting different needs of profe-ssionals all over the world.

This series dewars provide high efficiency sample cryopreservation with light weight and small space occupying. All models include racks, PC cryoboxes and lockable lids.


Ultra Low Temperature Storage with Extremely Low LN2 Evaporation

Advanced vacuum and insulation technologies ensure long cryopreservation.
Stainless steel racks and PC cryogenic boxes are supplied with standard CryoMaster tanks.
Stainless steel roller base is available for easy movement of liquid nitrogen tanks.



Liquid nitrogen transport kit for convenient filling of liquid nitrogen from one tank to the other

Foot type and hand type are both available.


Compatible for Blood Bag Storage

CryoMaster series can be adapted to store blood bags.
Special designed racks and caskets are available upon different size of blood bags, including 25ml, 50ml, 250ml or customized size.

Cryomonitor 2000 Automatically Filling System

It is very useful to fill liquid nitrogen automatically for long time sample cryopreservation. Cryomonitor 2000 constantly monitors temperature inside the container, controlling liquid filling solenoid value open and close, supplying liquid nitrogen from CryoCenter storage tank timely.


ANTECH CryoMaster Series

Advanced Vacuum Technology
Compatible for Vials or Blood Bags
Auto-Refill System Available
Liquid Level Monitor Available
CryoMaster Series