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Ice Lined Passive Vaccine Storage Device

0~8℃ postive vaccine storage device is new technology to transport and store vaccines. It build connection between health site and remote area.
It doesn't need power and store 5L vaccines, however, it covers 6,000 people community. It is welcomed by GAVI and UNICEF.


Temperature control system

Battery power for mircrocomputer control and LCD digital display to maintain 2~8℃ ,high realibility
Temperature recorder can track the histrical temperature.

Alarm System

High/low temperature alarm
Two alarm tyle:buzzering and light flashing
Reserve GPS and SMS function


Vaccum Insulation Design

Vaccum insulation technology is adopted in unit to prevernt cold leakage and heat exchange, temperature is stable inside.
Ice pack is applied in this unit to provide stable cold capacity
Holdover time is more than 35 days.


Humanized Design

Security door lock design to prevent unauthorized access.
Wide climate design ensures unit to be used under climate T, ST, N and SN.




Vaccine storage: 5L
Ice pack quantity:8
Alarm: High/low temp.
Passive Vaccine Storage Device