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Vapor LN2 Dry shippers

Vapor LN2 Dry shippers is designed for safe sample transportation under cryogenic conditions (vapor phase storage, temperature under -190°C). As the risk of LN2 release is avoided, it is suitable for short-haul air transportation.


Liquid Nitrogen Adsorption

Adsorbent materials are used to absorb and retain LN2 for safe transport. There will not be spillover of liquid nitrogen even when the tank is capsized.


Five Models Available

Biotrek Series offers five models of shippers with different capacities for the storage of straws and 2 ml vials.


Stainless Steel Mesh

Special stainless steel mesh divides storage space and LN2 absorbents to prevent absorbent materials from contaminate the samples.


Complete Accessories Set

All models are offered a variety of stainless steel canisters and polycarbonate cryogenic boxes. Locking cover is optional.



CryoCarrier Series