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Temperature Monitoring System

Temperature Monitoring System is a temperature & humidity sensors network, Reader system and the “Cold Cloud” Server System.

Temperature Monitoring System combine Active RFID technology with temperature & humidity sensors. The sensors can record the temperature & humidity data while identity the products & environment. All data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud sever by reader system. By Next Generation Internet of Things(IOT) Technology, Temperature Monitoring System provide a continually, real-time monitoring solution which can provide incredible insight into what happens to product during distribution and storage.



Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring:Record & upload the data in real-time. Get the warning in the first time.

Wide-used:Can be used in food & medical supply.


Long battery life&Long reading Range

Long battery life: The battery life of the ZKSmart Sensor is over 1 year.

Long reading Range: Over 100 meter reading range.


High level of protection

High level of protection: IP68 level of protection.



Small-size & Easy to deploy

Small-size & Easy to deploy:Both the sensors and gateways are small-size and easy to deploy.




Temperature Monitoring System