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Centrifuge Tubes

The Centrifuge Tubes are special designed for the Centrifuge.


Working temperature: stable from -20°C to 121°C

Gamma radiation sterilized


Cap Design

Biologically inert, high density polypropylene provides a chemically resistant surface.

Double threaded design to reduce cross-threading, easily opened and closed(Seal Centrifuge Tube).

Tube Design

Tubes are made of strong, medical-grade polypropylene.

Transparent wall permits easy viewing of tube contents.

Different Type Centrifuge Tubes Available

There are different type centrifuge tubes available, Seal Centrifuge Tube, Press Cap Centrifuge Tube, Micocentrifuge Tube and Test tubes.

The tubes could be put inside the foam racks, which offer the convenience of oriented product presentation. Samples can be viewed without removing tubes from rack.

Centrifuge Tubes