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Auto-Disable (AD) Syringe(WHO/PQS)

Auto-Disable (AD) Syringe can prevent syringe reuse by locking and breaking the plunger after injection, especially for large immunization program. To help prevent reuse of disposable syringes and needles, WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA urge that, by the end of 2003, all countries should use only auto-disable syringes for immunization(WHO/V&B/99.25 – December 1999).


Patented auto-disable mechanism design makes sure the syringe is permanently disabled.

Stimulate self-destruct feature: at the time of injection, without increasing other actions, the injection is completed, the syringe self-destruction, there's no significant resistance in stimulate process, no need to increase strength when priming.

Minimal dead space.

Different type injection Syringe available

Hands and fingers stay behind the needle at all times.

Accurate dose measurement.

Easy to use and requires minimal training

The use of operating practices consistent with common syringe, no need to add extra action, without changing the user's operating habits.


Individual package maintains the integrity of the syringe.

After use, needle and syringe can not be used again, more secure.

Meets international standards.


Auto-Disable Syringe(WHO/PQS)