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Premium Class II B2 BSC:AIRTECH

This cabinet must be totally exhausted, with100% of the air exhausted through a dedicated duct.

This cabinet may be used with etiologic agents treated with toxic chemicals and radionuclides required as an adjunct to microbiological studies.


Intelligent constant air velocity patent technology

The professional hot-bulb air velocity transducer performs real-time monitoring on the air velocity of the working area, compares it with the standard air velocity, and keeps the safety cabinet under constant air velocity through adjustment of the fan speed by microcomputer system.


Digital microprocessor control system

LCD display.

Real-time display of key parameters: downflow velocity, inflowvelocity, airflow volume, static pressure, negative pressure,accumulative running time of fan and UV lamp, left lifetime of filter.

Sound and light alarming function.

UV sterilization reservation setting function.

Professional Air-flow Distribution Module

Through professional air flow distribution design, the air flow of the worktable is more uniform, with the noise no more than 65dB.

Stainless steel operation platform without screws, no accumulation of contaminant.Dismountable air in-flow plate, easy to clean and disinfect.Concaved operation platform, waste liquid easily collected.

Swivel caster, Internal thread support leg

Platform-type hand-placing frame is comfortable to use and helps to relieve fatigue.

Foot Switch for Front window Adjustment.

Adjustable supporter (0-75mm) without exposed screw thread, preventing the germs from multiplying.