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Safety Box(WHO/PQS)

Safety Box is for safe and easy handing and disposal of used syringes and needles. It needs to be used together with AD syringes. Proper use of safety box can help prevent disease-spreading needlestick injuries. Follow the instruction to achieve easy assembling.


recycled board, waterproof, and puncture proof material.



Our capacity is large enough to meet customers’ current demand.



Customizes products, including special labeling, needle sizes and logos are available under request.



AD syringes always need to be used together with safety box.

It not only just helps preventing syringe reuse, but also solving the medical waste management problems as well.

For the collection and disposal of used disposable and auto-disable syringes, needles and other injection materials – reduce the risk posed to health staff and the general public by contaminated needles and syringes.


Safety Box(WHO/PQS)