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Vertical Type Clean Bench

Featuring many patented technologies and authoritative testing certification for reliability. Microcomputer intelligent control panel with durable touch buttons. Multiple safety protection functions including UV delay start Interlocking function to put an end to incorrect operation. Various personalized design to ensure comfortable operation Perfect memory function to avoid repeat setting.


High-efficiency Filter ULPA

The world-famous AAF damp and fire resistant fiberglass high-efficiency air filter (HEAP) 99.99%@0.3μm, enjoys the cleaning class up to Class V, ISO14644.1 which is superior to the cleaning requirement of class 100, safer and cleaner.


Ergonomic Design

The excellent 304 stainless operation table without fixing screws can avoid the accumulation of dirt.

Adopting recess lighting to eliminate the radiation of the fluorescent lamps on the eyes and thus preventing the eyes from being tired.

Interlocking Function

With the interlocking between illuminating lamp and UV lamp, the UV lamp can become on only when the illuminating lamp is off; When the UV lamp is on, it can be off if pressing the daylight lamp. The risk of incorrect operation can be avoided.


Easy to control the UV lamp work time

Sterilization preset, when pressing the UV lamp, the preset lamp will become on to remind user that the sterilization preset function has been activated and that the sterilization preset can be conducted.

Combined under-frame structure with universal truckle design.

Vertical Type Clean Bench

HEPA filter: 99.99%
Microprocessor control
LED/LCD display
Air speed adjustable.
Waterproof socket
Vertical Type Clean Bench