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Washer Disinfector

The automatic medical washer and disinfector, provides standard and automatic cleaning and disinfection for most of the medical equipments, so as to eliminate the possibility of infection in process of cleaning and disinfecting.

It is mainly for the cleaning and moist heat disinfection of surgical instruments, anesthetic equipment, bowls, plates, containers, utensils and glassware that can be repeatedly used. Normal surgical instruments, such as: scalpels, hemostatic forceps, pliers, etc.


Standard program

The washer-disinfector has six sets standard program, the user can choose proper program to operate according to materials

Advanced programmable control system.

Color LCD touch screen, easy operating

Color LCD touch screen. Advanced programmable Control System with six standard programs.

Equipped with several sets of independent temperature monitoring system.

Provide the visual door with reinforced composite glass,stable and reliable

Loading panel formed after the door is opened and easyto take and put items.

Double-door designs make the equipment become a separation barrir between contaminated area and clean area.

Ergonomically design

Extensive clean area, no spray blind angle, high effi ciency of cleaning.

Caster design, convenient to move.


Washer Disinfector