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Cold Bench

The Cold Bench is used at 20-25 ℃ ambient temperature conditions for the preparation of blood components offer advanced and standard cold refining environment.


Automatic computer touch screen control system

 Selected automatic computer touch screen control system, man-machine dialogue to facilitate the application of lighting, temperature, disinfection, time, automatic control.


Three-dimensional air curtain

Introduce the three-dimensional air curtain cold wind streaming technology, ensures the uniformity of inner cabinet temperature, high precision, no cream, no fog, no condensation water and will not pollute the label.


Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic designn makes the operation plane has a normal temperature area and a work area, to avoid long-term health effects caused by the operator in the cold environment.


Key Features

Low noise, imported compressor, energy saving and environmental protection.

Worktop mining and import high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel, large space, long period of time a large number of provisioning and storage of blood components, without timely transport, ease processing and remove.


Cold Bench