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Biobank Solutions

The Biobank solutions provides one-stop Sample Storage Solutions from manufacture to immunized individual,cold room, Biobank freezer, ULT freezer,Temperature Monitoring System and Consumables.


Biobank Cold Room

The cold room is customized product which meet the freeze demand in the medical service, scientific research , agriculture, biological and chemical industries use etc. To store vaccines, drugs, whole blood, blood plasma, pharmacy, chemical reagents and plant seeds etc.

Antech cold room designed as per the WHO standard,its assembled parts special designed to maintain storage in reliable temperature and ensure users convenience and safety.

Biobank LN2 Freezer

Biobank Series has six models with capacity of 300, 500, 800, 1000, 1500, and 1800. Biobank Series is designed to ensure the maximum storage capacity with the minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen to lower the overall cost of operations.


Biobank Design and Layout Diagram

Providing professional design service for Bio-Bank infrastructure construction and equipment layout.

Biobank information system solutions, covering temperature monitoring system, inventory management system, even safe transportation of samples.

Biobank Consumables

Providing one-stop solution for biobank consumables, such as storage racks (for both ULT freezers and LN2 containers), cryoboxes, cryovials, bar-code printers, scanners, etc.

Advanced 2D bar-coding scanning system is available for fast processing of mass samples.


Biobank Solutions