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Blood Bank Solutions

The Blood bank solutions provides one-stop solution for blood collection, storage, transportation, monitoring and finally use.


Blood Collection

The blood collection involves blood collection vehicle, Auto-Disable (AD) Syringe(WHO/PQS),Safety Box(WHO/PQS),blood bags and blood transportation box.


Blood Transportation and Monitoring

The blood bank transportation and monitoring involves in the mobile blood bank refrigerator, cold box, ice pack and temperature monitoring system.

Blood Storage

The blood storage involves in the blood bank refrigerator, deep freezer, ultra low temperature freezer, biobank freezer, LN2 container and blood storage cold room.

Blood Use

The blood use involves in the temperature monitoring system, blood bank refrigerator,Auto-Disable (AD) Syringe(WHO/PQS),Safety Box(WHO/PQS) and blood bags.



Blood Bank Solutions