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Vaccine Storage Solutions

Vaccines must be kept refrigerated between +2 °C to +8 °C to retain potency and to be effective. Antech provides one-stop Vaccine Storage Solutions from manufacture to immunized individual,cold room, vaccine refrigerator,vaccine transport container,cold box,PVSD( passive vaccine storage device and temperature monitor system, most of which are approved by WHO PQS.


Vaccine Cold Room

2~8℃ and -15~-25℃ vaccine cold room are fully customeried design on dimensions,refrigerant sytem, door, temperautre recorder and panel material etc. Prefessional design strictly conform to WHO standard, maintain uniform temperature to ensure vaccine in safety storage.


Ice-lined vaccine refrigerator (WHO PQS)

2~8℃ Ice-lined refrigerator is safe and good for vaccines storage. Its reliable and stable temperautre ensures vaccine to be stored safety.It can worked ambient temperatures up to 43°C and holdover time 24hours when power is off.


Ice-pack vaccine freezer (WHO PQS)

-15~-25℃ Ice-pack vaccine freezer can store special vaccines in safe and suitable temperure. Ice pack vaccine freezer can strong freezing capacity for ice pack freezing and longer temperature holdover time after power off.


Solar vaccine refrigerator (WHO PQS)

2~8℃ solar vaccine refrigerator is widely used in power shortage area. It provides the good storage for vaccines in remote area.

Antech have solar-direct vaccine refrigerator which is enviroment friendly and unit can hold more than 100hours when there is no sun. Antech also design special solar system for ice-lined refrigerator where there is electrical power but not stable.

Postive vaccine storage device(PVSD),(WHO/PQS)]

0~8℃ postive vaccine storage device is new technology to transport and store vaccines. It build connection between health site and remote area.

It doesn't need power and store 5L vaccines, however, it covers 6,000 people community. It is welcomed by GAVI and UNICEF.


Vaccine Storage Solutions