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Pharmacy Storage Solutions

The Pharmacy Storage solutions provides one-stop solution for storage storage, monitoring and finally use, from manufacture to immunized individual,pharmacy cood room, pharmcy refrigerator, Temperature Monitoring System, Cold Chain Network Series,etc.


Pharmacy Cold Room

The pharmacy cold room is customized product which meet the freeze demand in the medical service, scientific research , agriculture, biological and chemical industries use etc. To store pharmaceuticals, drugs, whole blood, blood plasma, vaccine, chemical reagents and plant seeds etc.

Antech cold rooms are designed as per the WHO standard,its assembled parts special designed to maintain storage in reliable temperature and ensure users convenience and safety.

Pharmacy Refrigerator

The pharmacy refrigerators are suitable for installation in drug stores, pharmaceutical companies,hospitals, epidemic prevention centers and clinics.

Antech has the whole capacity pharmaceutial refrigerators to provide the best solution for storage of the pharmaceutical.

Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring System

The Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring System is a temperature & humidity sensors network, Reader system and the “Cold Cloud” Server System.

Temperature Monitoring System combine Active RFID technology with temperature & humidity sensors. The sensors can record the temperature & humidity data while identity the products & environment. All data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud sever by reader system. By Next Generation Internet of Things(IOT) Technology, Temperature Monitoring System provide a continually, real-time monitoring solution which can provide incredible insight into what happens to product during distribution and storage.

Intelligent outpatient dispensing system

Individual unit medicine cabinet with easy installation. The capacity of storing medicine can be expanded by adding units according to hospital’s requirements.

The equipment applies the automatic loading medicine system, in which 2 kinds of medicine can be loaded at one time. By applying the buffering platform, the equipment’s speed of loading medicine is increased.


Pharmacy Storage Solutions