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Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

The low temperature plasma sterilizers are applicable for sterilizing broad spectrum surgical instruments including metal, non-metal devices and wet-and-heat-sensitive instruments. This product is not supposed to be put into paper, degreasing cotton or other products containing plant fiber, not applicable for sterilizing liquid or articles with high moisture content and sterilizing powdery articles.


Convenient Installation

Single-phase connecting, Pipeline, aeration or disposal system are not required. The exterior dimensions are the smallest one among those products with the same specifi cation. Casters make it very convenient to move . Very low requirement for installation environment and tools


Easy Operation

Ergonomic design: very friendly man-machine interaction. The operation panel displays whole-process parameters. Upload and operation is fl exible. Users can operate the machine after simple training program


Safe and Environment-friendly

Low-temperature and vacuum technology avoids risks brought by high temperature and pressure operation. Zero noxious emission. Intellectual alarm and correcting system improve the sterilization success rate signifi cantly.

The sterilizing technology is perfect and soft, avoiding damage to objects.With a scientific and reasonable design, the consumables are safe and convenient to use.

High Efficiency

The most effi cient item among the products with same specifi cation, realizing a shortenrecycle for the objects and save the cost for purchasing backup instrument.

The cutting edge technology combined with optimized designs and independent innovative technology guarantees a good stability and system balance.


Low Temp Plasma Sterilizer