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-60℃ Merchandising Freezer

Antech -60℃ low temperature freezer is specially designed to store tuna meat at the ideal temperature of -60℃, even in the environment temperature of 32℃. To secure excellent performance and high quality, high efficiency compressor and advanced refrigeration system is adopted.

When yellowfin or bigeye tuna is (super) frozen at ultra low temperature of -60°C, the quality DOES NOT DETERIORATE as in fresh or standard frozen condition. This technique brings huge advantages throughout the whole supply chain. As the Japanese sashimi markets have understood for a long time: super frozen tuna is the best quality tuna that money can buy.


Antech deep freezer, real expert’s choice

Advanced single compressor refrigeration system.

Electronic temperature controller.


Enhanced foam insulation layer.

Double seal strip.

Field proven reliablity

Flat coated aluminum liner.

Full copper pipe evaporator.


Malfunction alarms including high and low temperature, power failure, sensor error, etc.

Capable of producing two types of alarm outputs: audible buzzer and visible flashing light.


-60℃ Freezer

Malfunction alarms
Electronic temp controller
Enhanced foam insulation layer
Double seal strip
Flat coated aluminum liner
-60℃ Merchandising Freezer