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Self-pressured LN2 container

Self-pressured LN2 container is the latest innovation for high-performance liquid phase cryopreservation. The container uses the pressure generated from vaporization of small amount liquid nitrogen to discharge LN2 for other containers. Storage capacities range from 5 to 500 liters.


Stainless Steel Structure

Stainless steel structure can withstand the most demanding environment and ensure long-lasting security. It also provides reduced evaporation loss rate, compared with conventional welding insulation tanks.


Variety of accessories

Each Cryostor Series model is equipped with a pressure valve, a drain valve, a relief valve, and a pressure gauge. For 200 L and above models also apply safety structures such as rupture discs and silencers.


Self-pressurized LN2 Backup System

Self-pressurized LN2 back up system is used for Cyro freezers. In extreme cases, such as power outage, system failure and so on, the backup system automatically opens cryogenic solenoid valves and injects liquid nitrogen to ensure the set temperature and protect samples.



All models have four casters for better mobility and convenient use in different occasions.



CryoCenter Series