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One-stop service for Tenders

The One-stop service is mainly the total solutions for the tenders, involves the whole process of biobank,hospital,blood bank and laboratory establishment, including design, construction, equipments, products, logistics and consumables,etc. The one-stop service contains all of the one-stop biobank solution, blood bank solution, vaccine storage solution and pharmacy solution.


Biobank Solutions

The Biobank solutions provides one-stop Sample Storage Solutions from manufacture to immunized individual,cold room, Biobank freezer, ULT freezer,Temperature Monitoring System and Consumables.


Blood Bank Solutions

The Blood bank solutions provides one-stop solution for blood collection, storage, transportation, monitoring and finally use.


Vaccine Storage Solutions

Vaccines must be kept refrigerated between +2 °C to +8 °C to retain potency and to be effective. Antech provides one-stop Vaccine Storage Solutions from manufacture to immunized individual,cold room, vaccine refrigerator,vaccine transport container,cold box,PVSD( passive vaccine storage device and temperature monitor system, most of which are approved by WHO PQS.


Pharmacy Storage Solutions

he Pharmacy Storage solutions provides one-stop solution for storage storage, monitoring and finally use, from manufacture to immunized individual,cood room, pharmcy refrigerator, Temperature Monitoring System, Cold Chain Network Series,etc.



One-stop Solution