Shaking Incubators

Antech is the only company in China that adopts a single-axis balanced drive technology on a full series of shakers. This unique technology avoids the traditional three- or four-axis rotation. Therefore, such shake can realize continuous quiet operation for a longtime, and can switch between rotation and reciprocating motion. No matter what technology or material is used, from design to precision processing, every shaker in Antech is meticulously manufactured in order to give customers peace of mind.


The shaker can be placed on the tabletop, and at the same time, two shakers can be stacked and landed.

The standard double-layer bottle splint is convenient for storing more samples.

The design of the front opening door makes the shaker more flexible than the flip-up shaker

There are two temperature ranges of constant temperature and low temperature to choose from.

The transparent observation window and built-in lighting design make it easy to observe the sample at any time.

Observe temperature, oscillation speed, and time at the same time.

A variety of accessories: UV germicidal lamp, humidity detection or control, air intake pipe, lighting system, etc., to optimize the cultivation plan for you.

Product modelATS-2013
Control modeP. I. D (Microcomputer scans the micro-processing chip)
Display modeLCD (large liquid crystal screen)
Convection modeForced convection
Oscillation modeGyratory
Drive modeBalance drive by single shaft
Ambient temperature requirement ℃15-35
Maximum number of stacked
Curve programing settingsPrograming settings of repetition, steps and eight-section curves
Safety functionsAudio and light alarm for temperatures above or below the upper or lower limit; alarm for speeds
above or below the upper or lower limit; sensor fault identification, stand-alone over-temperature
protector, stand-alone leakage or over-current protection and refrigerator overload protection.
Additional functionsSpeed storage, automatic stop, temperature and speed correction, monitoring timer, clock display,
startup after power again, parameter memory, parameter encryption, one-touch factory reset
Refrigeration functionAir-cooled, 134a power-controllable frost-free refrigeration
Temperature control range ℃Room temperature +5-60
Accuracy of temperature ℃0.1
Temperature fluctuation ℃≤±0.2
Temperature uniformity ℃≤± 1(at 37℃)
Speed range r/min30-300
Speed accuracy r/min±1
Amplitude of rocking plate mm25
Timing range min 0-999.59
Size of rocking plate mm456*450
Culture shelf450*400
Number of rocking plates1
The number of rocking plates in
single configuration is highest
250ml*60, 500ml*40, 1000ml*24 or 2000ml*15
Number of shelves1
Net weight kg120
Volume L155
Chamber size mm560*500*555
Overall dimensions mm650*820*810
OthersLighting/UV lamp
Power w600
Power supplyAC 200∽240V 50∽60Hz
Material of chamberHigh-quality 304 stainless steel polished plate
Material of outer boxHigh-quality nodular cast iron, channel steel, angle steel, medium plates and cold rolled steel sheets

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