LN2 Dewar, with Racks & Boxes

CryoMaster Series Dewars are designed for liquid phase storage of biological samples in cryogenic vials and boxes. The storage capacity range is 750 to 6,000 pcs of 2ml vials. 

2ml vail inventory racks are supplied as standard. Inventory system for 5ml vials, 25ml blood bags and 50ml blood bags are optional upon request.


1. Large capacity storage of vials or blood bags

2. Ultra-low liquid nitrogen consumption

3. Lockable lid to prevent unauthorized access

4. Space-saving and light in weight

5.TWO Year Parts Warranty, FIVE Year Vacuum Warranty

Structure Diagram:


1. Roller base is supplied as optional, for easy movement of container.

2. CryoMonitor 2000TL is optional monitor for liquid nitrogen level and temperature. 

ModelCryoMaster 750CryoMaster 900CryoMaster 2400CryoMaster 3000CryoMaster 3600CryoMaster 4800CryoMaster 6000
Maximum Storage Capacity 
1.2 & 2ml vials1.2 &2ml vials (25/100 well box)75090024003000360048006000
Number of racks6666666
2" Boxes per rack56456810
5ml vials 5ml vials (81well box)972972145819442430
Number of racks66666
3.75" Boxes per rack22345
25ml blood bag
Numbers of blood bag168252252336420
Number of racks66666
Layers per rack23345
Blood bags per layer1414141414
50ml blood bagNumbers of 50ml blood bag84144168168252
Number of racks66666
Layers per rack13223
Blood bags per layer148141414
250ml blood bagNumbers of 250ml blood bag4848489696
Number of racks66666
Layers per rack11122
Blood bags per layer88888
LN2 capacity (L)35506595120145175
Static evaporation rate (L/day)0.37 0.43 0.78 0.81 0.85 0.85 0.87 
Static holdover time (day)95 116 83 117 141 171 201 
Neck opening (mm)125125216216216216216
Overall height (mm)7477807007958509801050
Outer diameter (mm)451508678678678678678
Weight empty (kg)19204244515456
Weight full (kg)476195122150171199
Inventory rack for cryobox (standard)6666666
Optional Inventory Rack
Rack for 25ml blood bagN/AN/ADBR-25-14-2DBR-25-14-3DBR-25-14-3DBR-25-14-4DBR-25-14-5
Cassette for 25ml blood bagN/AN/ABBC-25BBC-25BBC-25BBC-25BBC-25
Rack for 50ml blood bagN/AN/ADBR-50-14-1DBR-50-8-3DBR-50-14-2DBR-50-14-2DBR-50-14-3
Cassette for 50ml blood bagN/AN/ABBC-50BBC-50BBC-50BBC-50BBC-50
Rack for 250ml blood bagN/AN/ADBR-250-8-1DBR-250-8-1DBR-250-8-1DBR-250-8-2DBR-250-8-2
Cassette for 250ml blood bagN/AN/ABBC-250BBC-250BBC-250BBC-250BBC-250
Optional Accessories
Roller base RB-30RB-47RB-65RB-65RB-65RB-65RB-65
Liquid level & temperature monitoringCryoMonitor 2000TL, cloud service

CryoMonitor 1000PPlug Type Liquid Level & Temp Monitor (optional)
CryoMonitor 1000Temperature monitor (optional)
Stainess Steel RacksMade in SUS304 (standard)
Cryogenic BoxPC material (standard)
Roller BaseMade in SUS304,different sizes available (optional)


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