CryoSmart Series, with Temp & Liquid Level Monitor

CryoSmart Series liquid nitrogen container realizes real-time temperature and liquid level monitoring, remote monitoring, alarming and automatic backup the monitoring data in cold cloud platform. CryoSmart Series combine with the advanced manufacturing technology and intelligent monitoring technology to meet unique requirements of professional customers all over the world.

CryoSmart Series containers provide high efficiency of large capacity sample cryopreservation with light weight and small space occupying. It monitors the real time status of containers and notifies users once any issue occur ensuring stable running and samples storage security. Mainly apply to medical field and samples bank users who has demand for high-end liquid nitrogen containers.

CryoSmart Series completely solved the technological difficulties of electronics information technology and low power consumption technology in -190℃ low temperature application.


Key Features

    Intelligent temperature real time monitoring

    Intelligent liquid level real time monitoring

    Intelligent remote alarm

    Running data intelligent backup

    Low power consumption

    Replaceable battery

    Ultra less liquid nitrogen consumption

    Innovative overall appearance

    Dual-lock construction

    5 year vacuum warranty

Products Details

    Professional industrial design, strong elements feature, plump line reflect the stable of device while ensuring
the tank structure strength. Reason-able stiffener layouts make the tank more robust and straight.

ModelCryoSmart 2400CryoSmart 3000CryoSmart 3600CryoSmart 4800CryoSmart 6000
Maximum Storage capacity 
Square Canister (EA)66666
1.2 &2ml Vials (25/box)24003000360048006000
Number of   2" Box Per Rack (EA)456810
5ml Vials   (36/box)648864108012961728
Number of   3" Box Per Rack (EA)3030303030
LN2   Capacity (L)6595115145175
Static   Evaporation Rate (L/day)*0.79 0.81 0.83 0.87 0.87
Work Capacity5585105135165.00
Working Duration (Whole day)**44668094126
Unit Dimension 
Neck Diameter (mm)216216216216216
Overall Height (mm)7107267969101026
External   Diameter (mm)681681681681681
Weight Empty   (KG)27.534.538.542.555
Weight Liquid   Full (KG)80.8112.4132.8157.3198.5


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