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Antech shaking incubators unique technology on the motor driving and tray balance controlled by the PID microprocessor enable the shaking more smooth, stable and safe.

Scope of application:Cell culture/Extraction experiment/Sample mixing

Dyeing and decoloring/Hybridization experiment/Solubility test

Plasmid purification/Bacterial suspension preparation/Elution process/Expressed protein


* The horizontal shaking incubators have Orbital or Reciprocal type.

* LCD digital display shows the set parameters and realtime operation parameters.

* The visible and audibale alarm reminds the shaking condition safetly.

* Shaking tray is with auto blance system makes the operating more smooth.

* The transparent glass window and built-in lighting make it easy to observe the samples at any time.

* High-quality inverter motor, low vibration, low noise, high efficiency, wide speed regulation, maintenance-free,

* energy-saving, and long-lasting operation.

* The unique single-axis balanced drive technology is ultra-low quiet.

* Power-off recovery function eanables the shaker automatically restart operation according to the original set

program after power resupply

* Stainless steel #304 mirror with round corners is easy for cleaning.

ModelChamber volumeShaking modeShaking Speed StokeTemperature RangeExterior size (W*D*H)
SOC-186S186LOrbital30~300RPM25mm +5℃~60℃1250*740*840mm
SOC-186L186LOrbital30~300RPM50mm +5℃~60℃1250*740*840mm
SOC-186SF186LReciprocal30~300RPM25mm +5℃~60℃1250*740*840mm
SOC-245S245LOrbital30~300RPM25mm +5℃~60℃1250*740*980mm

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