Sterility Test Isolator

ANTECH Sterile Test Isolator is designed and produced for sterile inspection of sterile products.The highly integated equipment and devices are easy to operate,which has reduced sterilization time,greatly saved overall testing time,minimized sample transfer time between production and testing and provided excellent enviroment.

  • Complete sterility testing technology and service including VHP sterilization,repeated sterility verification,bacteria collector,consumables and microbial consumables.

  • Multipale workstation operation either single-sided or double-sided can conduct tests for 10 to 40 times per day.

  • Both transfer cabinet and operation cabinet are step-by-step positive pressure system.Air distribution is turbulent flow or laminar folw.One-way turbulent flow or laminar flow is formulated from new wind absorbed by Class-C environment(pre-filtration)or HVAC system through HEPA(H14)and then cycled or discharged through air return system.

  • Sterility inspection can be performed continuously in large batches.Transfer cabinet and opetation cabinet can be sterilized separately or simultaneously to improve sterilezation efficiency.

  • Isolator and hydrogen peroxide sterilizer are managed under same control system,which ensure repeated and reliable operations.Single opearation system and panels that are easy to operate ensure simple operation,low errors and high effeciency.

  • The sterilization time can be effectively saved and sterilization efficiency can be highly improved with intelligent sterilization booling.HMI automatic operations are adopted for dehumidification,adjustment,sterilization,ventilation and waste discharge during sterilization process to avoid humen errors.


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