Combined Refrigerator & Freezer

Antech Combined refrigerator and freezer is 2°C~8°C refrigerator compartment up above and -40°C freezer compartment down below. The two compartments temperatures are controlled by two independent refrigerant systems. It have two compressors and control temperature more accurate which ensure the storage biological samples at reliable condition.

Cool specimens in two separate compartments with these combined refrigerator and freezer, offering a high-performance and space-saving alternative for cold lab storage.

Excellent Performance

    Refrigerator & Freezer Combination, Separate Control
    Capable of recording temperature data for up to one month aumatically
    Independent display for refrigerator chamber and freezer chamber
    Microprocessor control, separately digital display for refrigerator chamber and freezer chamber

Key Function

    USB port for temperature data download
    Double door design with independent locks
    Adjustable shelves and drawer available
    Pressure equalization port for freezer door
    Multiple alarms to detect malfunctions
    Multi-malfunction alarms, precautionary alarm
    Environment friendly refrigerant: CFC-Free and HCFC-Free

ModelCabinet  TypeCapacity(L)Temperature  Range(℃)Power  SupplyNet/Gross  Weight(kg)Internal  Dimension(W/D/H,mm)External  Dimension(W/D/H,mm) 

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