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  • Under-Counter Lab Refrigerator

    The Under-counter refrigerators with microprocessor control, forced-air cooling system, electrical heating door , extra-strength refrigeration compressor and multiple malfunction alarms guarantee temperature uniformity for scientific, industrial, clinical and vaccine storage use.

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  • Blood Bank Refrigerator

    Accurate microprocessor control systems, excellent air cooling system and professional refrigerant system maintains the whole blood and blood derivatives to be stored at 4℃. Our design meets AABB, DIN58371. Featuring Industrial design ensures heavy duty use and perfect performance.

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  • Dual System ULT Freezer

    Two independent compressor systems enable ultra-low storage system up to -90℃ and boast high speed of freezing. The dual compressor system can maintain freezer temperature at least -70℃ even when one of the compressor fails.

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