-86C EcoLogic ULT Freezer

ANTECH -86℃ EcoLogic ULT freezer is built by two compressors' cascade refrigerant system which ensure the vauable biosamples in reliable and safety storage temperature. 

It is also energy saving by using hydrocarbon refrigerant. Interior is made of #304 stainless steel for easy cleaning and durable use. 

The EcoLogic ULT freezer optimizes sample storage capacity within a small footprint. 

ANTECH ULT freezer reassures a stable ultra low temperature storage condition to store germs, erythrocytes, leucocytes, viruses and many other biological materials. Installations can be found in research institutes, pharmacy industry, clinical labs, blood banks and laboratories in electronic & chemical plants.

Precise Temperature Control

    Microprocessor temperature controller, digital temperature display, ensure precise & stable running at -86℃

    LED digital display, easy to read temperature and alarm conditions.


Advanced Cooling System

    Two-compressor cascade refrigeration system with Hydrocarbon refrigerant

    World-class famous SECOP brand compressor

    High-tech integrated sensors to display and control temperature

    Wide range operating voltage system from 185V to 260 V designed 

    Suitable for 10°C to 32°C ambient temperature

Ultra Low Power Consumption

    World leading energy efficient ULT freezer

    VIP panel for excellent insulations

    Insulated inner door to keep cold air inside of cabinet

    High efficiency cooling system

Ergonomic Design

    Removable condenser cover, easy maintenance

    Stainless steel 304 interior material, easy cleaning

    Lockable casters for easy movement and fix

    Top quality stainless steel racks and cryogenic boxes are available

TypeCapacity(L)2ml Vails(pcs)Voltage/FrequencyTemperature Range ()Net/Gross Weight(kg)Internal Dimension(W/D/H,mm)External Dimension(W/D/H,mm) 


Freezer RackMade in SUS304, sliding drawer type or frame side-taking type
Chart Recorder,CR-7Circular chart recorder, one paper per week
CO2 Backup SystemAutomatic control when freezer failed or power failure
LN2 Backup SystemAutomatic control when freezer failed or power failure

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