2C~8C Pharmacy Refrigerator, Spirit™ Series

Antech SPIRIT pharmacy refrigerator is high intelligent and advanced refrigerant system which can ensure storage at 2°C~8°C. Microprocessor digital display is for easy reading and forced air cooling ensure an uniformity temperature.

It is suitable for installation in drug stores, pharmacy companies, hospitals, epidemic prevention centers to store medicines, testing kits, reagents, vaccines etc.

Key Features

    Accurate temperature control to make inner temperature maintain 2~8 ℃ and increment at 0.1 ℃

    High-tech integrated sensors to display and control temperature

    Auto-defrost to remove moisture on cooling surface

    Removable outdoor double seal design for better temperature maintain and energy saving


    Microprocessor controlled forced-air cooling system

    Digital temperature display with 0.1℃ resolution

    Double-layer glass door equipped with electrical heater(optional) to decrease condensation

    CFC-Free and HCFC-Free refrigerant

Ergonomic design

    Epoxy coated exterior: anti-bacteria and easy cleaning

    Shelves adjustable design

    Caster with break design for easy moving and lock

    Interior LED light for easy observation

    Environment friendly refrigerants: CFC-freezer and HCFC-free

    Electrical heater(optional) to decrease condensation on door in high humidity environment


    Password protection prevent unauthorized temperature setting

    Safety lock to prevent unauthorized access

    Two alarm styles: buzzer and flash

    Start delay protection

SPIRIT Plus Series

Key Features

    Microprocessor controller, temperature fluctuation within ±1.5°C
    Forced-air cooling system with cross-flow fan ensures frost-free cabinet and excellent temperature uniformity
    Three layer toughened glass door with electrical heater to prevent condensation
    USB download data: records temperature, alarm & door ajar information
    Intelligent energy saving mode

    Soft-shutdown technology protects refrigerator from suddenly shutdown damage
    Build-in back-up battery for up to 72 hours power failure alarm
    Visual and audible alarms: high/low temperature, power failure, condenser cleaning, sensor error, door ajar, high ambient temperature

Model    Cabinet TypeCapacity(L/Cu.Ft)Temperature Range(℃)Voltage/FrequencyNet/Gross Weight(kg)Internal Dimension(W/D/H,mm)External Dimension(W/D/H,mm) 
MPR-260 Upright260/9.2 2~8220V~240V,50Hz/60Hz63/65500x420x1090580x560x1785
MPR-360 Upright360/12.7 2~8220V~240V,50Hz/60Hz92/100550x435x1420640x552x1880
MPR-306 Upright306/10.8 2~8220V~240V,50Hz/60Hz95/110540x425x1380640x552x1880
MPR-406 Upright406/14.3 2~8220V~240V,50Hz/60Hz115/128685x425x1380785x552x1880
MPR-426 Upright426/15.0 2~8220V~240V,50Hz/60Hz120/132685x429x1380780x580x1920
MPR-626 Upright626/22.1 2~8220V~240V,50Hz/60Hz123/146670x600x1626780x740x1900
MPR-656 Upright656/23.2 2~8220V~240V,50Hz/60Hz158/1881100x454x13251220x642x1885
MPR-1006 Upright1006/35.5 2~8220V~240V,50Hz/60Hz207/2371100x684x13251220x872x1885


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