Airtech NSF 49 BSC at NIAS, Korea

Mar 11, 2019

    AIRTECH NSF49 approved biological safety cabinet is installed successfully at NIAS (National Institute of Animal Science) of Korea on Sept. 23, 2017.

About NIAS:

    The National Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) started as the Livestock Technology Center on May 10, 1952 and re-established as the Livestock Experiment Station under the Rural Development Administration on March 1962. After going through several reorganizations, it was renamed to NIAS in 2008. NIAS consists of two Departments, eleven Divisions, one Team and three Stations.
    The NIAS strives to raise customer confidence by improving livestock performance, technologies for safe animal products, developing and distributing environmentally-safe technologies. In addition, it creates new values and growth motives for national development through the conversion of advanced biotechnologies such as development of new bio-drugs and organ synthesis using animals. The NIAS also aims to become a global livestock research institute through active exchange of resources and information with international livestock institutes.