Controlled-Rate Freezer

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In order to maintain cellular viability during the freezing process, certain cells – such as protist, mammalian, and plant cells – require precise control of the freezing rate in order to minimize the detrimental effects of undercooling and the heat liberated during the phase change process from water to ice.

Controlled rate freezing is an established procedure for the cryopreservation of biologic material in research and clinical applications. In-line with GMP protocols, cell material can be frozen then stored at cryogenic temperatures.

CryoVita controlled-rate freezer (CRF) achieve reliable, reproducible results with maximum operational safety. They are used for clinical, veterinary and research tasks for controlled rate freezing of samples.

CryoVita Controlled-Rate Freezer

Dependable sample protection

For customers in research, cell and gene therapy, vaccine production, and biobanking, the CryoVita CRF provides precise, repeatable freezing results that protect the sample from intracellular freezing.


Liquid nitrogen flows via a metal hose connection, as a gas, into the freezing chamber. Predetermined cooling profiles are used to freeze samples prior to removal and storage at cryogenic temperatures. Data logging ensures continual monitoring of the entire process, including multiple temperature sensor set-points, actual values and the supply pressure of liquid nitrogen.


Reliable temperature performance for high-throughput usage

1.Dual solenoid valves design, one for working, the other for backup. When one valve fails, switch to the other valve through touch screen controller

2. Consistent temperature control and uniformity achieved via an air-handling system and liquid nitrogen injection device

3. Environmentally friendly insulating foam

4. Type 304 stainless steel with exterior powder-coat finish


User-friendly operation with enhanced data traceability  

1. Intuitive touchscreen display allows for easy set-up, operation, and review of a freezing run

2. Six pre-set freezing profiles and space for up to 120 user-defined, “custom” freeze profiles

3. Convenient to create and edit a custom program on touch screen

4. Record temperature curve of each cycle automatically

5. External influences are avoided during freezing


Real-time run monitoring for sample protection

1. Chamber and sample temperatures are monitored by Type T thermocouples, eliminating lag time and providing “real time” responsiveness

2. Standard alarms to alert users of thermocouple failures, heater malfunction, high/low temperature limits, temperature tracking, power failure, and completion of run

3. RS232 Port

4. USB port to download running data

Reference List – CryoVita Series Controlled-Rate Freezer

ModelCryoVita 18CryoVita 34CryoVita 49
Temperature range-180°C~+50°C
Exterior Dimensions
W*D*H (mm/in.)
Interior Dimensions
W*D*H (mm/in.)
Capacity18 L
(0.6 cu. ft.)
34 L
(1.2 cu. ft.)
49 L
(1.7 cu. ft.)
Net Weight64 kg
(141 lbs.)
75 kg
(165 lbs.)
83 kg
(183 lbs.)
Freezing Rate0.1 ~ 60/min
Heating Rate0.1 ~ 12/min
Temperature Deviation<2°C
ControlPLC + Touch Screen
Control ParameterSample temperature or Chanber Temperature
Display7" Touch Screen
Program6 preset programs, customized program up to 120.

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