ULT Portable Freezer, 1 Liter

Antech CryoExpress series ultra low temperature portable freezer is compact in size, light in weight, and powerful in cooling. 

Taking advantages of advanced Stirling cooling technology, CryoExpress series offer wide range accurate temperature control, from ambient temperature to -86°C ultra low temperature, which can be used for transportation of biological sample, vaccine, pharmacy, etc.

The portable freezer can be powered with 12~30V DC on a moving vehicle or vessel. Since a built-in lithium battery is supplied, it even works for certain time without any external power supply, so that the positive cooling continues from vehicle to freezer at destination.  

By using adapter, CryoExpress series freezer can be powered and charged with 100~240V AC power supply.

Touch screen controller

1. Set temperature  

2. Inner cabin temperature

3. Ambient temperature

4. Temperature graph

5. Running time

6. Battery status

7. Door lock status

8. Settings 

9. Network status

10. Power button 

ModelCryoExpress ONE(MMF-1)
Temperature   range-86°C ~ ambient
Climate typeSN/N
Cooling   systemFree-piston Stirling   engine cooler
ControllerTouch screen
Door lockNFC electric lock   & manual lock
Data memoryTemperature record   & USB port
InsulationVacuum insulation panel &   polyurethane foam
Capacity & size
Capacity 1 Liter
2ml vials   capacity100 pcs (81/100-place   cryogenic box)
External   dimensions, W x D x H270 x 311 x 450mm
Internal   dimensions, W x D x H150 x 134 x 55mm
Net   weight 13.5kg
Power supplyDC 12~30V; AC   100~240V, 50/60Hz 
Rated power80W
Power cordAC adapter &   power cord, DC power cord
Backup   battery (standard)Built-in lithium   battery, 1-hour working time 
Backup   battery (optional)External lithium   battery, 4-hour working time 

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