Cryogenic Blast Freezer

By using a blast freezer, the temperature of the foods can be rapidly reduced. The blast freezing cycle transforms the liquid present in the foods into microcrystals (tiny crystals) which do not damage the tissue structure of the product and ensures the food does not lose its consistency and integrity.Blast freezing can also be applied for raw materials and semi manufactured products.

CryoBlaster 4800 is a large capacity cryogenic blast freezer with smart control system, humanized design and robust construction, meeting highest requirement for food treatment.


1. Temperature range -100°C~room temperature (temperature controllable)

2. Temperature control accuracy ±2°C

3. Temperature Uniformity ±3°C

4. Cooling rate 1~20°C/min, temperature controllable


1.Opening method of the box door: adopt horizontal upper opening cover, and use gas spring to assist opening 

and closing the door.

2.Door seal: special low-temperature resistant sealing device to ensure that the door can be opened freely 

under ultra-low temperature

3.Freezing medium: liquid nitrogen (user-provided, non-recyclable)

4.Exhaust system: when the pressure in the box is slightly positive, it will be automatically discharged


The touch screen provides programmable control & makes the operation and input more convenient. It adopts

human-machine interface, programmed intelligent control, and has PID automatic adjustment function. It can set multi-stage cooling and heating programs. After all programs are completed, it will automatically alarm and power off. 

The system also has its own process curve saving function, and the process curve can be downloaded via USB-disk.


1. Electrical interlock.

2. With phase sequence protection function.

3. With over-temperature protection function.

4. With process curve setting function.

5. With timing function.

6. Equipped with equipment grounding protection function.

7. With safety pressure relief function.

8. Equipped with equipment caster movement and braking functions.

ModelCryoBlaster 4800
Inner dimension (W×D×H)[mm]1550×1520×2050
Volume [L]4800
Door opening size (W×H)[mm]1250×2050
Dimensions (W×D×H)[mm]2195×1800×2300
Trolley maximum size (W×D×H)[mm]1250×1320×2000
Trolley recommended size [mm]1000×1000×1800
Liquid nitrogen supply [kg/h]1800
Exhaust pipe size [mm]300
Power (380V/50Hz, 3-phase) [kW]6.6

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