Class II Type A2, EN12469

AIRTECH brand biological safety cabinet is designed to protect operator, laboratory environment and samples from being exposed to the infective aerosol produced when the sample is bacteria strains, diagnostic material, and other infective subjects. AIRTECH biological safety cabinet provides the operators with a more comfortable and safer working condition. It is used in hospitals, disease prevention center, biological pharmacy and environment monitoring sections.

Control System

    Large control panel displays valuable safety and performance data, and is within easy view and reach from a seated position.

    Intuitive interface delivers a constant read-out of downflow and inflow velocities and overall cabinet performance status.

    Various of inter lock design to avoid risks due to misoperation.

“Zero Leakage” Airflow System

    AIRTECH unique “Zero Leakage” patent technology, providing a dynamic negative pressure environment.

    Imported DC ECM blower with automatic air volume compensation system to guarantee stable negative pressure.

    Two independent sets of imported velocity sensors.

    70% dowflow, 30% exhaust.

Humanization Design

    Optional electric sash window for convenient operation.

    Up to 45% reduced energy consumption by using of DC ECM blower and optimized airflow system.

    Reduced noise Level. Lower noise level enhances the attention and allows user to focus on work without distraction.

    Dwyer brand (US imported) pressure gage indicates real-time negative pressure between two sides of down flow filter. 

    Single piece wall & work tray: Large radius for easy cleaning. Made in SUS304, rust free.

    10° sloped front for enhanced comfort and reduced operator fatigue.

    Two electric sockets. Waterproof & overload protection.

    Adjustable feet to fit uneven floor, casters for easy movement.

    Drain valve for convenient cleaning.

HEPA Filter

    HV brand filter, US imported

    HEPA filter, efficiency ≥99.995%@0.3μm micron

    Removable uniform-flow film


Various Alarms

    Inflow velocity alarm

    Exhausted airflow alarm

    The slide shutter height alarm

    Filter high-resistance alarm

    Fan failure alarm

Performance Testing

    Downflow velocity testing.

    Inflow velocity testing.

    HEPA filter leakage detection. Each AIRTECH biological safety cabinet is tested via PAO scanning method. ATI brand aerosol generator and photometer are used.

Easy Services Access from Front

    Change of HEPA filters, LED lamps, UV lamps       

    Adjustment or change of circuit boards and sensors       

    Adjustment of alarms, fan speed control panel

Professional Validation Service

    Factory acceptance testing (FAT)

    Installation qualification (IQ)

    Operational qualification (OQ)      

    Factory service training

    On-site installation 

Model BSC-1003IIA2(-E/-S/-SE)BSC-1303IIA2(-E/-S/-SE)BSC-1603IIA2(-E/-S/-SE)
 Nominal Size3 feet 4 feet 6 feet
TypeClass II, Type A2
Filtration EfficiencyHEPA:≥99.995%,@0.3μm
Internal Dimensions (W x D x H)mm970*600*6201270*600*6201570*600*620
External Dimensions (W x D x H)mm1200*790*20501500*790*20501800*790*2050
Airflow Pattern (downflow / exhaust)70% / 30%
BlowerECM DC Motor


1Electric SocketStandard, 2 pcs
3Canopy ConnecterOptional
4Gas ValveOptional
5Vacuum ValveOptional
6Water ValveOptional


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