VS Series

Sliding door system, LCD digital display, curved arc design, real-time display air velocity, UV light appointment


1. Main HEPA filter with efficiency 99.995% @0.3um, provides work area cleanness at  ISO5 of ISO14644-1,

   ISO100 of Federal Standard 209E 

2. Velocity is adjustable and provides super samples protection, the display on the LCD screen,  It is with alarm 

   system, users easily to observe the velocity

3. The power motor co-work together with velocity sensor provides the vertical down-flow air without turbulent 

   flow which protects the samples out of contamination

4. UV decontamination system is convenience for setting to decontamination the work area at any time

UV Decontamination

1. A powerful UV lamp with 253.7 nanometer, built-in cabinet, to enable the work zone to be decontaminated between experimental runs, thus preventing cross contamination

2. The UV decontamination time can be set with the UV timer  the UV timer can is easy set 00:00 to 23:59, adjustable can be separately on the minute and hour setting. UV can be also set auto stop time

3. UV-filtering sash glass front and two glass sides protects UV exposure

4. UV is interlock with light and sash glass window ensure the safe sue

CleanlinessHEPA  ISO CLASS 5
Fillter   Efficiency99.995%
Sash Glass5mm tempered glass,   UV proof
Air Velocity0.33m/s±0.03m/s
Power SupplyAC220V/50HZ   Over&Under voltage protection, short circuit protection
Working   Dimension(WXDXH)1140x630x720mm
Overall   Dimension(WXDXH)1300x830x1780mm
Size & No.   of HEPA filter610x610x50mmx 2 sets
LightLED X 1pc
UV light30W x 1pc
Socket500W/3A x 1pc
No. of Colony≤0.5cfu/dish *0.5h
Materialsworking   table: All-in-one stainless steel;
    outside cabinet: high grade steel and lacquered in ivory;
    side wall: tempered glass
Mode of   Operationdouble people/single   side


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