CryoFiller, Automatic LN2 Doser

Liquid Nitrogen Dosing System has been used for preservation, pressurization, and freezing in a wide variety of packaging applications for over 30 years. 

How it works?

CryoFiller automatic liquid nitrogen dosing system is designed to inject proper volume of LN2 into containers at required pace. After filling into container, LN2 vaporizes to gaseous N2 with 700 times volume and expel air out of container. As a result, oxygen and humidity concentration are reduced, and a suitable pressure is built in container.


1. Siemens touch screen controller and PLC platform, fully automatic operation.

2. Adjustable filling pace, up to 1200 CPM in discrete dosing mode or 2000 CPM in continuous injection mode. 

3. Speed sensor: real-time detection of bottle movement speed, filling speed will be adjusted accordingly.

4. Product sensor: installed at upstream of the filling machine, detecting whether bottle is coming. If no bottle 

coming, liquid nitrogen will not be injected to avoid waste. 

5. ±3% accuracy of dose weight.

6. Electric heating at nozzle, prevent condensation water and freezing ice.

7. 3 sizes nozzles are supplied as standard, customized nozzle available.

8. Gas-liquid separator to guarantee liquid nitrogen is injected.

9. Vacuum insulation for low liquid nitrogen consumption. 

10. Imported high quality electromagnetic valve for high reliability.

11. Stainless steel SUS304 material for easy cleaning and no rust.


1. Inert packaging (low oxygen concentration) maintains product freshness and extends product shelf life.

2. Reduce the gram weight of PET, lower cost and more environmentally friendly.

3. Maintain the original shape of lightweight bottle, keep the hardness of the bottle wall consistent, and improve labeling efficiency.

4. Build a suitable bottle pressure and eliminate the problem of flat bottles.

5. Enhance product stacking capacity and improve warehouse space utilization.

6. Maintain the high quality of organic products.


  • PET bottle: soft drink, edible oil, mineral water                                    

  • Aluminum can: soft drink

  • Steel can: milk powder, protein powder, organic supplement powder

  • Glass bottle: wine



Maximum   Discrete Dosing Speed (CPM)800200
Continuous Stream Dosing Speed (CPM)20002000
Dose Duration15 ~ 1000 ms15 ~ 1000 ms
Nozzle Size1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm,   1.8mm, 2.5mm1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm,   3.0mm
Accuracy by Dose Weight±5%±5%
LN2 per Dose0.01-14 g0.01-14 g
Touch Screen DisplaySiemensSiemens
PLC PlatformSiemensSiemens
Speed Sync Compensation
Injection Positioning Tech
Fixed Delayed Injection
Constant Speed Mode
Vacuum Insulation
LN2 Consumption0.20 L/h0.15 L/h
Power Supply110~240V,50/60Hz110~240V,50/60Hz
LN2 Supply   Pressure≤0.15Mpa≤0.15Mpa
Pressurized Air Pressure(N2 recommended)0.5~0.65Mpa0.5~0.65Mpa

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