Cryogenic Freezer, LN2 Wide Neck

W series liquid nitrogen storage system provides ideal storage conditions for biological samples. Supported by LN2 automatic filling system and temperature & LN2 level monitoring system, W series cryogenic freezers provide all-round protection to precious sample, assisting life science research and cell therapy applications.

Based on the actual needs of users, Antech has innovatively optimized the performance, structure and control system of cryogenic freezer to meet the user's highest standard of large-capacity storage requirements.

Advanced Control System:

1. HMI human-machine interactive touch screen, display temperature, liquid level, temperature curve and alarm 


2. Important events such as temperature, alarm, liquid nitrogen fill, can be checked, and can also download 

through USB disk.

3. Various alarms, and the alarm information can be stored and downloaded through the USB disk. 

4. Operating data, such as temperature and liquid level, can be stored for up to 10 years.

5. Optimized structure design to achieve the best sample storage density and save space.


1. Multiple capacity freezers, from 175L to 600L, 2.0ml vials storage capacity from 10,000 to 40,500.

2. Excellent temperature uniformity and stability, enabling samples to be stored at controlled cryogenic environment.

3. Excellent vacuum performance and structural design ensure minimum liquid nitrogen consumption and lower

storage costs.

4. Advanced temperature, liquid level monitoring and alarm system, and can realize remote monitoring.

5. Automatic supply of liquid nitrogen, safe and labor-saving.

6. The liquid nitrogen supply system is controlled by multiple solenoid valves, which can effectively prevent the 

overflow of liquid nitrogen and sample contamination caused by high LN2 level.

7. Manual filling available under special circumstances.

8. Compatible with vapor phase and liquid phase storage modes, users can choose according to their needs.

9. The optimized mechanism design realizes high-density storage to save space.

Humanized Design:

1. Defog function, easier to find samples and shorten lid opening time.              

2. The remote alarm interface can be connected to the central alarm system.

3. Optional backup battery in case of power failure.

4. Optional vacuum jacketed hose for lower liquid nitrogen consumption.

5. Optional vapor platform, for vapor phase storage of bio-specimen.

Maximum storage capacity LiquidVaporLiquidVaporLiquidVapor
StrawPETG 1/4cc straw180400144320397700318160639600511680
PETG 1/2 cc straw8030064240177025141620284700227760
HSV CBS high security straws8030064240177025141620284700227760
High security   CBS straws495003960010912587300175500140400
Number of canisters (φ70mm) 44449797156156
Goblet (φ65mm)  per canister545454
2ml vial1.2 &2ml vial10725990026325243004127538100
Number of large rack (81/100-place box) 7719193030
Number of small rack (25-place box) 555577
2" Boxes per rack131213121312
5ml vial5ml vial (81-place)396934021077392341701014580
Number of racks7719193030
3.75" Boxes per rack767676
25ml blood bag
    (Pall MEDSEPTM 25 mL, OriGen CS 25)
Numbers of blood bag7637631694169426812681
Number of frames109109242242383383
Bags per frame777777
50ml blood bag
    (Fenwal 4R9951, OriGen CS 50) 
Numbers of blood bag4764761085108517151715
Number of frames6868155155245245
Bags per frame777777
250ml blood bag
    (Fenwal 4R9953 & 4R5461, OriGen CS 25 or CryoMACS 50 & 250) 
Numbers of blood bag270216595476970776
Number of frames5454119119194194
Bags per frame545454
500ml blood bag
    (Fenwal 4R9955 & 4R5462, OriGen CS 500)  
Numbers of blood bag210168475380760608
Number of frames42429595152152
Bags per frame545454
200ml blood bag
    (Gambro DF-200 or CryoMACS 50 & 250) 
Numbers of blood bag144144332332528528
Number of frames36368383132132
Bags per frame444444
700ml blood bag
    (Gambro DF-700, OriGen CS 1000 or CryoMACS 500& 750 &1000) 
Numbers of blood bag8484196196312312
Number of frames212149497878
Bags per frame444444
LN2 Capacity
LN2 capacity (L) 194134132864343
Inner diameter (mm) 5508001000
Usable height (mm) 785785785
Overall height (mm) 130013001300
Weight empty (kg) 160270395
Weight full, liquid phase (kg) 318606918
ControllerTouch screenTouch screenTouch screen
Full auto fillStandardStandardStandard
Data storage/ USB port/ RS485 port StandardStandardStandard
Foldable stepStandardStandardStandard
Backup batteryOptionalOptionalOptional
Vacuum jacketed hoseOptionalOptionalOptional
Vapor platformOptionalOptionalOptional
Inventory rackOptionalOptionalOptional
Wi-Fi connection & cloud accessOptionalOptionalOptional

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