Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet

Cytotoxic safety cabinets is applied to preparation and handling of cytotoxic drugs, preparation and manipulation of antineoplastic chemotherapeutics and CMR drugs.

Operations with cytostatic agents and other drugs or chemicals with CMR or cytotoxic potential materials 

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet

1.SmartFlow Triple Filtration System: SmartFlow design triple filters meet standard
EN13091:1999 and EN 1822-1, one piece of downflow filiter and two pcs of exhaust filter
are H14 HEPA filters (filter efficiency 99.995% @0.3 μm)

2. Automatic Compensation Blower System: World-Famous brand DC EMC brushless motor 

ensures stable and automatic compensation for filter loading. 

The blower complies with ISO 2710 for low noise, low vibration and long life cycle.

3. CAV (Constant Air Volume) Technology and CPAS (Constant Pressure Apheresis System) 

The products are featured with CAV (Constant Air Volume) technology and CPAS (Constant 

Pressure Apheresis System) effectively ensure the safety cabinets working in a stable and safety status all the time.

4. 6-degree inclined air supply mode:  The 6-degree inclined air supply mode increases 

the fullness rate of the clean airflow in the working area by 7%, and greatly optimizes the airflow 

uniformity at sash window area.

5.Unique Negative Pressure and Anti-Leakage Design: 

Unique negative pressure surrounds the double-layer wall. Cabinet body is Anti-Leakage design 

ensures no leakage for the safety cabinet under static pressure 500Pa, meets DIN 12980-2017 standard. 

Nominal size1 meters (3 feet)1.3meters (4 feet)1.6 meters (5feet)
Work area Dimension (WxDxH)1000x630x600mm1300x630x600mm1600x630x600mm
Exterior Dimension (WxDxH)1200x820x2050mm1500x820x2050mm1800x820x2050mm
Window Open200mm
 HEPA filter Filtration EfficiencyHEPA(@0.3μm≥99.995%)
Air volumeInflow 660m3/h860m3/h1050m3/h
Exhaust 360m3/h470m3/h580m3/h
Power AC220~240V, 50/60Hz(1φ)
Protection testing Opetator ProtectionTotal colony in impaction sampler ≤10CFU./time
Total colony in Slit sampler ≤5CFU./time
 Product ProtectionTotal colony in culture dish ≤5CFU./time
 Cross ContaminationTotal colony in culture dish ≤2CFU./time
Main unit Power(without spare socket)560W560W560W
LED light24.5Wx①31Wx①36Wx①
Illumination (Lx)                      Lumin≥900≥900≥900
Exhaust  Air Direction Top out
Power AC 220V/10A
Qty.of SocketAC 220/3A, 2 Pcs

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