Cryogenic Cart

CryoCart-II can be used as a portable workbench or transportation cart with -150°C cryogenic vapor protection. 

When used as a portable workbench, the cryogenic protection holdover time is up to 8 hours with lid open. 

When used as a transportation cart, large quantity of biological products can be transported from one place to another place within the facility. For instance, to move samples from one freezer to another freezer, or to move frozen samples from controlled rate freezer to cryogenic freezer, etc. 

Biological products can be loaded into the cart with canes, cryogenic boxes or inventory racks conveniently. A 15-layer square rack can be loaded into the cart. Therefore, it can meet space requirements of most of circumstances. 


1. -150°C vapor phase environment for operation or transportation.

2. Holdover time up to 8 hours with lid open and 24 hours with lid closed.

3. Cover can be magnetically attached on cart for convenient operation. 

4. Temperature recorder is supplied with cart.

5. SUS304 material for easy cleaning.

6. Large casters for easy movement 

Performance & dimensions
Liquid   nitrogen capacity below platform (Liter) 24
Holdover time   (-150) with cover closed   (hour) 24
External   dimensions, L x W x H (mm) 1410 x 515 x 980
Internal   dimensions, L x W x H (mm) 1015 x 304 x 400
Platform   height (mm) 130
Weight empty   (kg) 155
Weight full   (kg) 180
Cart body   material SUS304
Data   logger Yes
Liquid   nitrogen inflow portCGA 295
Maximum capacity
Number of   81/100-place cryogenic box 30 (15-layer rack x 2   pcs) 
Number of 2ml   vial3000
Number of 25ml   blood bag273
Number of 50ml   blood bag148
Number of   250ml blood bag125
Number of   500ml blood bag39


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