Class II Type A2, 2 ft, tabletop

Airtech class II type A2 biological safety cabinet airflow ratio is 70% recirculation and 30% exhaust, providing the protection to operator, sample and environment from biological hazards and contamination.

It equips with DC ECM motor for 60% energy saving,HEPA (H14) filter efficiency 99.995%@0.3 micron which conforms EU standard EN1822 and Japan velocity sensor for accurate control and display accuracy at 0.001m/s. ULPA (H15) filter is available upon request.

Smart control:

1. The full-color LCD screen displays parametres, including: downflow & inflow air velocity, 

filter service life, blower operation status & alarm.

2. DC blower with intelligent constant air volume compensation system: when the HEPA filter

resistance increases by 50%,the inflow air volume change is less than 10%, ensuring safe

operation in the entire life span of filter.

3. The blower and sliding door linkage design, when the sliding window reaches working 

position,the blower starts wroking automatically.

Humanized structure:

1. Compact design for limited space, can be placed on desktop with flexibility.

2. Optimized sliding window lifting and positioning system can be used safely under severe


3. 10° sloped front design

4. Demountable circular-arc armrest

5. Fully finished SUS304 working area

6. Equipped with anti-splash safety socket

7. Optional water valve & vacuum valve

8. Optional stand

Safe and reliable:

1. The sliding window is interlocked with LED light and UV lamp.

2. The high-efficiency filer is made with imported filter material, achieving large dust holding 

capacity and high uniformity.

3. Negative pressure surrounding double-layer cabinet, “leakage resistance” and “unobstructed 

return air” technology.

4. Strict cabinet leak prevention testing & filter integrity testing.

Nominal Size0.65meter(2’)
Filtration   Efficiency≥99.995%,@0.3μm
Downflow   Velocity0.33m/s
Inflow   Velocity0.53m/s
Vibration≤5μm(center of table   top)
Power SupplyAC220~240V,   1Φ,50/60Hz
Opening Height200mm
Personnel   ProtectionA.Total colony in   impaction sampler≤10CFU./time
B.Total colony in slot sampler≤5CFU./time
Product   ProtectionTotal colony in   culture dish≤5CFU./time
Cross-consumpyion   ProtectionTotal colony in   culture dish≤2CFU./time
Max   Consumption(with spare socket)0.18kVA
Rated   Power(without spare socket)0.15kVA
Workzone   Dimension(W1xD1xH1)650x562x540mm
Overall   Dimension(WxDxH)750x700x1200mm
Size and Qty.   of LightLED13.5Wx 1 
Size and Qty.   of UV Light8Wx 1
Cabinet   MaterialsHigh-grade steel and   lacquered in ivory
Working Area   MaterialsSS304 fully finished
Air DirectionTop out 

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